Melissa Porembiak-Intern

The decision to come for counseling is sometimes a difficult one, yet an important step towards change. I am passionate about meeting individuals where they are and helping them develop the tools they need to move forward. Are you feeling out of balance? Maybe you are going through a major life change or stressor. Perhaps a parent or child is sick? Maybe there has been a loss, a move, or another big event? You may feel overwhelmed, and confused and need space to process what is going on in your situation, as well as a safe space where you can work through these adjustments. Therapy can be that space. I specialize in working with older teens, college-age students, and adults that have experienced significant life changes such as grief, anxiety, and adjustment concerns. Also experience working with individuals in transition, to new jobs, college, and moves. I utilize a strengths-based, person-centered approach to find the best way to meet your unique needs. Together we will work as a team, at your pace, to bring out your best self and find your balance. Looking forward to meeting you.