Amena Khan

Jodi, Intern

Jodi is our newest Intern at Thaar Care.
Jodi has currently retired from over 25 years of Law Enforcement. She has worked the streets as a Police Officer, D.A.R.E. Officer, and Investigator. Jodi has strived to provide education, hope, healing, and guidance to youths, adults, couples, and families during crises. During her law enforcement career, Jodi pursued her passion for serving people by volunteering for Oakland County’s Crisis Response Organization and providing Critical Incident Stress Management to individuals and groups of first responders, businesses, and community organizations.

Jodi has worked in a diverse community and welcomes working with clients from diverse backgrounds. Jodi’s experience in law enforcement since 1995 has given her tremendous insight into mental health crises on an individual and community level. Jodi looks forward to expanding her knowledge and skills while interning at Trinity.

Jodi’s personal counseling philosophy is that everyone possesses the traits and strengths to develop, heal, and grow through their struggles. Jodi will meet you where you are in your need. She will walk you through your journey to uncover or re-ignite your strengths and abilities, just waiting to shine again. She will work with you to develop strategies and skills to reach your goals and live your best life.