Amena Khan

John, Clinical Intern

I am currently a master’s student in an online program through the University of Mary. I am initially interested in working generally with men or in a faith-based/Christian setting because I see that area as my strength. However, my goal as an intern is to gain experience working with a range of populations in order to broaden my knowledge as well as narrow down who I want to work with going forward in my career. I am still forming my therapeutic orientation and style but I first try to use person-centered therapy to establish a therapeutic relationship with every client. I want to create an environment of empathy, understanding, and curiosity while walking with clients in whatever chapter they are in their lives. I am drawn to incorporate and integrate various other approaches as appropriate such as Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and Mindfulness techniques. I would love to continue to learn to utilize Existential therapy more to encourage clients to develop a vision of purpose and meaning
in their lives. I also want to utilize positive psychology to focus on the client’s values, strengths, resources, and well-being. Overall I seek to help others build resilience, find healing, and hope they need to flourish in their lives.