Hello, I’m Dante, a proud father of 19 years and a member of Thaar Care’s advisory board. I have always found a way to be involved in helping others my whole life. In 2012, I decided with a few friends that there were simply too many stray dogs in Detroit, and something needed to be done about it. This ended up developing into what is now known as Detroit Dog Rescue today and from 2011-2015 I was full time media management and a field photographer for the organization. Today, still, I raise funds for the organization and occasionally help out at events whenever I can. A photographer for 16 years, my work has been featured in Huffington Post, Rolling Stone, Time Magazine, and many local Detroit news outlets. Along with the dog rescue I have also made many other endeavors in helping others in many different places. In 2015 and 2016, I took two trips along with my son and many friends to assist those in need in the Dominican Republic. With the help of everyone, we were able to successfully provide many necessities of the people and help them to the best of our ability. Recently, I was accepted into the Shelby Township Lions Club, and hope to help others even more through them. Ultimately, helping others is the main priority, and Thaar Care is the place for doing so.