Amena Khan

Jenna Siedlik, Graduate Clinical Intern 

Oakland University

I am a graduate student at Oakland University and my theoretical foundation is primarily humanistic.  I enjoy integrating behavioral and cognitive approaches, as well. My counseling practice is informed by elements of Solution-Focused and Narrative therapies; however, by being integrative, I can pivot my interventions to best suit individual client or group needs. I have a broad scope of training in: Counseling ethics, Multiculturalism, Individual development, and Couples and Family systems. I lean towards a Person-Centered approach; meaning, I establish a therapeutic relationship built on empathy and trust. Moreover, my clients are empowered to utilize their resources, strengths, and resilience to shape what directions their lives take.

I enjoy working with youths and young adults ages 16-25. I have experience working with individuals of different races than my own. I am interested in gaining experience with couples and families, as well as individuals with body dysmorphia.